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Right to Manage

Manage Your Flats

The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 gave leaseholders the Right to Manage (RTM) their block. The RTM procedure allows easeholders to manage their block without having to pay the freeholder in order to buy the freehold and without having to prove fault on the part of the freeholder or the managing agents. The right to manage is available whenever the leaseholders follow the statutory procedure and the freeholder cannot stop or prevent the leaseholders if they follow the procedure correctly. We can:

  • tell you how much it may cost you to acquire the right to manage
  • tell you if your building qualifies
  • form a Right to Manage company
  • alter the articles and memorandum of an existing company
  • complete the right to manage claim form, and
  • obtain information from the freeholder to enable to manage your block.

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